Soothe Your Soul Through Baking

Baking Stories

Prepping. Measuring. Baking. Piping. 

For others it gets pretty overwhelming, it may seem like a lot happens for such a small pastry. But for people like us, it transports us to a different place - away from the hustle and bustle of human life, to pure joy and bliss. And yes - this for some, includes the cleaning part of baking.

Once you get into the grind, everything falls into place. You got the ingredients memorized, you got the pans all greased up, oven is preheated and is excitedly waiting for the first batch of goods to hit home. Even better - the house smells amazing! It's not everyday, the members of your family drops by the kitchen. You bet they're drawn in by the sweet sweet aroma.

With recent events, it's been quite a struggle finding a new routine in this so called 'new normal.' We try our best to stay calm, vigilant, and secure. Each one has different ways of doing so and hopefully, by now you've found your rhythm. 

Here at The Baking Station, we've adapted quite briskly - we had to. Though this doesn't mean we've sacrificed quality. Making ends meet has been quite hard, but as you may be thinking - baking soothes the soul. I'm sure a lot more people can relate. 

If you find yourself in a slump, take a deep breath, bake a cake, online 'window' shop, learn new recipes. It'll pass - you just have to move forward. 

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