Baking Tips for Beginner Bakers

Baking Tips

You scroll through your feed and see almost every single one of your friends posting about baked goods and sweet treats - different brands, flavors, shapes and sizes. You stop scrolling, get up, walk to the kitchen and find that there's nothing for you to eat. You go back to your room, search your favorite sweet shop and find out that they're closed for pre-orders or the delivery fee is too high for your liking. 

Worry not cause we've got you covered!

The solution to ending all your struggles is to bake these delectable goodies yourself! 

If you're a newbie baker, we've collated baking tips you'll need to know to excel in baking! 

Prepare the Ingredients beforehand
  • We get it, the thought of those chocolate fudgey brownies sound so good that you want to go on ahead and start mixing ingredients together in a bowl. However, you might find yourself in a total mess after you've tossed in 3-4 ingredients. One way to avoid this from happening is to run through the ingredients list and prepare each item in the proper weights and measurements. This way, when you actually start baking every thing goes as smooth as a fondant cake.
Use an ice cream scooper for cookies
  • Sick and tired of uneven sized cookies? The solution my dear baker is a handy dandy ice cream scooper. Measure out a scoop directly from the batter and place it on the tray. Never worry about making too big or too small cookies! Unless of course, that's your style ;) 
Store opened yeast packs in an airtight container in the freezer
  • If bread making is more your thing, here's a tip you'll need to know! Once the yeast packaging is open, immediately store the remaining unused yeast in a seal-tight container and keep it in the freezer till next use. On your next baking session, take it out of the freezer just a few minutes before and put it back in after measuring out the amount you need.

Use Pre-cut Grease Resistant Liners for lining round or square cake pans

  • Trust me, this is one thing you won't regret. Using pre-cut grease resistant papers saves you all the time you've wasted from cutting parchment papers to rightly fit your pans. Since these come in different sizes, all you need to do is get a piece whenever you bake. Easy as pie!

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